Thursday, 12 June 2008

War of the pensioners

My husband has old ladies fighting over him!

My auntie Carol (one of those aunties who isnt actually related to me) was given a freeview box by my mum for christmas 2006.

Chris installed it for her and we were called back periodically if a wire came out or something went wrong with it.

This of course led to other jobs being done for her, the latest being fitting a booster to improve the signal she gets upstairs.

We went the other day and she asked us would we help out "Muriel" who lives across the road to install a freeview box.

Over we went to Muriels and of course this led to another job and two more visits.

This led to my mum who is waiting for Chris to put a TV bracket on her bedroom wall having a row (well more of a bicker) with Auntie Carol about how she is now at the back of the queue again and how she was annoyed we had been sent over to Muriels as Carol doesnt even like Muriel anyway!

I never once imagined i would find it funny for my husband to have three women fighting over him!


sweets said...

are you jealous?


spice-the-cat said...

Wow, I seem to have missed so much during my absence. I'll try and catch up with it all and then do a proper comment. In the meantime I'd keep a close watch on all of those old dears wanting your husband around to fiddle with their boxes.

random moments said...

Lol, sounds like Chris needs to start charging for his services!!