Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Sometimes i thoroughly despise the company i work for and some of the people i work with.

I've told you my job recently moved from Manchester to Warrington.

Not all the people who worked in Manchester either chose or were able to come over to Warrington.

One of these is an elderly chap who has worked for the company for around twenty years.

Shortly before we were told we were moving over to Warrington he chose to go part time.

When he was offered redundancy he was then offered it on a part time basis.

He has appealed against this saying that had he been told this would happen he wouldnt have gone part time.

The company are saying he WAS told.

We have all been interviewed individually by a chap from HR today, we havent been told what its regarding but the few questions we have been asked were about when, where and how we were told about the move.

As far as i can tell we have all answered in a way that puts our colleague in the right.

I so hope he wins and gets his money.

Monday, 25 February 2008

This weekend i will be mostly drunk...

Well another weekend flew by!

This weekend has had a bit of everything, got drunk on Friday with Chris then again on Saturday with Chris and Keith and played Buzz till 3am lol

Sunday we visited a few people and then went for lunch at my mums, mmm slow roasted lamb!
Probably would've ended up drunk again as mum is always very generous with the wine but had my sensible head on by then and stuck to soft drinks!

We did very little in the way of organising ourselves for work so it was up early as still had to iron etc.

My car goes into the garage tomorrow to no doubt cost us a fortune, we're guessing a new radiator grrr

Friday, 22 February 2008

Conversation with Sydney....

Last night Chris and i babysat for Sydney for a couple of hours whilst Mum and Dad went to parents evening and i just thought i'd share a couple of cute conversations...

Conversation 1. I had to take Sydney upstairs to change her clothes and it went a little like this

Yes Sydney?
Are you my friend?
Of course i'm your friend!
Are you my Auntie?
Yes but that doesnt mean i cant be your friend as well does it?
I'll always be your friend because i love you very much
I love you very much too ( said in VERY excited voice)

How cute is that, made my day :0)

Bit of background for the second one, when Chris and i took her to the Christmas Market last year we bought her a small glass snowglobe.
A few days later she dropped it and was heartbroken that it couldnt be fixed.

So when we went to Scotland we bought her another, plastic this time to avoid breakages!

Chris was winding her up last night, picked it up off the table and said it was his...

This is my snowglobe
No its mine its mine
Well Sydney if you can tell me where its from you can have it (it says Scotland on it)
Its from the table!

At which point we all laughed and Chris sheepishly gave it back to her, cant really argue with that can you lol

Thursday, 21 February 2008

What a day!

Yesterday as i drove to work my car ran out of water.

The levels HAD been checked recently but there i was stood on the motorway in the freezing cold waiting for Chris to come and rescue me (thanks babes)

I eventually manage to get from Stockport to Warrington to be told that in the afternoon i have to go over to the old office in Manchester.

So in the afternoon i leave Warrington and drive to Manchester.

I am then told i need to go back to Warrington!

I get half way back to Warrington when i am told it doesnt matter i might as well go back to Manchester!

Think i need a new job???

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

In need of a new project...

So where was i?

Oh yeah Valentines, personally i think i won the budget challenge only going over by 76p but then Chris just went over budget and didnt care lol.
It does mean however that i now have the sims on my DS and i'm addicted!

Do you know how hard it is to run a hotel???

So i need a new project to focus on, everything has been done!

Have everyone over for Christmas Check!
Have a New Years Party Check!
Sort out pension, life insurance & mortgage Check!
Win Valentine budget challenge Check!

It's Chris's birthday in March but i have already bought his presents!

I'm not normally that organised but i've just seen stuff that i know he'd like and grabbed it.
Obviously i cant say what i have bought him as he reads this!
I've even bought his anniversary present and thats 4 months away lol

Maybe i should try and think of SOMEWHERE we can go for his birthday, somewhere which doesnt cost anything! Suggestions welcome!

Maybe the next project should be decorating since we have had the paint since last July....

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Little update...

So I haven’t posted anything but pictures and video for a while.
We have been busy sorting out our finances and my job has moved from Manchester to Warrington.

My sister put me on to http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/ which is definitely worth a look! Gives you loads of info on how to save money in lots of different ways.
Since first looking we have changed our gas, electric, telephone and broadband supplier, Chris has saved a whopping £30 PER MONTH on his car insurance!

We have wangled money back from places and cheaper rates and sorted pensions, life insurance and the mortgage, we’ve been very busy!

On top of that my job has moved, the new offices seem great so far and my job is currently the same so its only the journey that’s changed, going in is fine but coming home is taking a lot longer than it did but then I have only been doing it a week or so, I may not have found the best way yet!

Chris has been really ill with Flu, and no I don’t mean “man flu” he was actually really poorly, so glad I didn’t catch it!!

All our family have been fine with no-one ill for a few weeks now so we have been enjoying having some peace and time to ourselves, translated means we have been lazing about watching films and enjoying our faster broadband speed :0)

It’s our first valentines as Mr & Mrs tomorrow so going along the money saving theme we have set a budget we have to stick to so I am intrigued to find out what Chris buys!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Chris, Emma & Yemma go to Scotland!

Off we go!

Stirling Castle!

Keeping warm under Chris's jacket!

At the entrance to the castle!

OOOh maybe a Kilt for Yemma!

A nice coffee after a days sightseeing!

Hmmm not sure i want to try Haggis!

Might pop in here though....

Off to bed :0)

Monday, 4 February 2008