Monday, 25 February 2008

This weekend i will be mostly drunk...

Well another weekend flew by!

This weekend has had a bit of everything, got drunk on Friday with Chris then again on Saturday with Chris and Keith and played Buzz till 3am lol

Sunday we visited a few people and then went for lunch at my mums, mmm slow roasted lamb!
Probably would've ended up drunk again as mum is always very generous with the wine but had my sensible head on by then and stuck to soft drinks!

We did very little in the way of organising ourselves for work so it was up early as still had to iron etc.

My car goes into the garage tomorrow to no doubt cost us a fortune, we're guessing a new radiator grrr


ArcticFox said...

chuck a bottle of radweld in it and see what happens!!

cheap and cheerful!!


spice-the-cat said...

I love lamb but it's quite hard to find here in Canada. Whenever I do find it I always end up with the checkout people asking me what you do with it - such is the rarity of it as a source of food.

Which makes me wonder what Canadians think sheep are for. I'll probably have to ask a Yorkshireman to explain that one to them. I wonder if Fox will take the time out to explain it to them.

angel said...

teehee... i haven't had a weekend like that in a while...
holding thumbs that the car doesn't cost you too much.