Tuesday, 19 February 2008

In need of a new project...

So where was i?

Oh yeah Valentines, personally i think i won the budget challenge only going over by 76p but then Chris just went over budget and didnt care lol.
It does mean however that i now have the sims on my DS and i'm addicted!

Do you know how hard it is to run a hotel???

So i need a new project to focus on, everything has been done!

Have everyone over for Christmas Check!
Have a New Years Party Check!
Sort out pension, life insurance & mortgage Check!
Win Valentine budget challenge Check!

It's Chris's birthday in March but i have already bought his presents!

I'm not normally that organised but i've just seen stuff that i know he'd like and grabbed it.
Obviously i cant say what i have bought him as he reads this!
I've even bought his anniversary present and thats 4 months away lol

Maybe i should try and think of SOMEWHERE we can go for his birthday, somewhere which doesnt cost anything! Suggestions welcome!

Maybe the next project should be decorating since we have had the paint since last July....


ArcticFox said...


I'm not normally that organised




angel said...

wow- you are organised! i am impressed!