Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Drumroll please...

Ok the names we have in mind are......

Tom Andrew Hall


Imogen Mary Hall

What do you think??

Ooh and it's my 100th post since i moved over to blogger!

Monday, 29 September 2008

5 Weeks to go...

We've had a really good weekend for a change! No painting, no chores really just catching up with lots of people, thoroughly enjoyed by both of us although both knackered!

Thanks for all the name suggestions! Neither name we have chosen came up in your suggestions which amazed me!

So should i tell you our ideas now? Or wait till Pug actually arrives??

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I've been asked twice now if we know the sex of the baby and if we have any names in mind.

Well we don't know the sex and we do have names in mind but i would be really interested to hear your suggestions before i reveal ours!

So please feel free to suggest names, our surname is Hall........

Monday, 22 September 2008

6 weeks to go!

and i know i'm not posting much, it's not the lack of things to say i'm just tired...

All those people out there who have been pregnant or who have kids will probably know where i'm coming from.

Its so weird how doing next to nothing makes you feel like you have run a marathon! (not that i would ever be guilty of that lol)

Anyway baby and i are fine if not knackered, the family all seem fine at the mo, couple of minor hospital visits but nothing to worry about.

I'm still at work, 3 weeks and counting till i finish!

Other than that we have finally (almost) finished decorating the dining room, the worst room in the house, how many rooms that are about 12ft square have three doors and a window to take into account grrr

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


To my SIL Davina and her partner Chris who had a beautiful gorgeous baby boy this morning named Jack!

Woohoo i have a nephew :0)

Monday, 8 September 2008

8 weeks to go....

So i suppose i should at least try to update!

I went to the second hospital eventually to be told it was definitely shingles, the nice doctor having purposefully burst some of the sores on my head so he cound take a swab...nice

They then gave me a prescription for shingles medication which they told me to collect but not to take until they had phoned as they werent sure i could have it being pregnant....

They eventually confirmed i could take them later on that night which was a relief, immediatley replaced by the worry that i had been given an appointment to go to yet another hospital the following day to see an eye specialist as it was near my eye and can apparently cause blindness....great!

It all turned out fine, i did have just the one sore on my eyelid but it never made it into my eyes and there was never any danger of me losing my eyesight at all, or at least thats what they told us!

3 days in 3 hopsitals and 3 weeks off work and here i am back at work and back to normal!

Well unless you count the fact that Pug has a new trick if putting limbs between ribs and/or putting pressure on my back so am thoroughly uncomfortable but not poorly!

Just to clarify for Stacie, Joshua is not my baby but a friends and yeah you saw the timeline correctly....8 weeks to go....