Saturday, 13 June 2009


Angel tagged me on 5 things i love about being a mum (or mom!)

This is harder than i thought, i havent been a mum that long!!

1. I love her face when Daddy comes home from work, already Daddy is the fun parent and her face lights up like its christmas :0)

2. Watching her try new foods, i have been making all her food at home, she had spaghetti bolognese tonight for the first time and wolfed it down!

3. I never thought i'd say this as i am far far away from ever being a girly girl but apart from the fact that everything in the shops is DAMN PINK i love her clothes, you do seem to get a lot more choice with girls, apart from colour lol

4. Watching Chris with her, soppy and obvious but there it is!

5. Being a family and not just a couple, dont get me wrong being a couple was great but being a family is better :0)