Thursday, 19 July 2012

Throwing, hitting and tantrums...

The title is pretty much what we get from Imogen nowadays, there seem to be a few people I know with kids the same age who are behaving the same way so maybe its an age thing, doesn't make it any easier though.
I'm at home these days, after a load of mither with childcare and child illness we decided I should get an evening job so I'm with the kids all day and then when Chris comes home I go to my job. It seems to work pretty well apart from us being skint all the time.
Imogen has nursery in the afternoons and Libby still has a nap so we are tied to the house but come September when Imogen starts another year at nursery she will do two and a half days instead of every afternoon so we may be able to do more.
She has tried so hard to be good this week, the rule is if she hits she has to go to bed straight after tea, before Libby which is the bit she doesn't like. In the previous two weeks she only managed a normal bedtime three times, this week she has managed not to hit for three days running, we told her if she managed all week she could stay up later than Libby at weekend and we would play my first monopoly with her.
About ten minutes ago she lost it, threw a toy in temper and hit me  several times, she then smacked Libby round the head, I'm afraid she got a smack for that one.
So she's in bed early tonight and trying to earn back the monopoly.
What will the rest of the week bring...