Friday, 29 August 2008

Still here!

I'm a lot better :0) I will update early next week but in the meantime thought i would share this photo of Niece Sydney meeting baby Joshua....awwww!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Poorly Sick!

It seems sailing through a pregnancy is not allowed and if the pregnancy cant get ya then something else will!

Since last Thursday i have been getting really bad headaches, when we went to see the midwife on Friday morning we mentioned it, she told us i could have co-codamol instead of paracetamol but to keep an eye on it over the weekend.

Saturday i get a rash, Sunday the rash is slightly worse and i'm feeling sick...

Monday morning we have to go to the hospital for the diabetes test where we bump into my midwife who takes one look at me and arranges for me to see a doctor.

So three hours later when the diabetes test is over we head up to the third floor to see the doctor, blood pressure is checked, urine sample is checked, i'm put on a monitor for baby and babys heartbeat is good and strong and baby is kicking away.

The doctor then says she only deals with "pregnancy and women's bits" and doesnt feel qualified to discuss the headaches or the rash and so will get another doctor to come and see us.

Some time later another doctor comes to see us, looks at the rash and says he is going to speak to someone in dermatology.

He comes back and tells us he is actually a cardiologist (WTF) and as such doesnt really know a huge amount about rashes but he can tell us it isnt menengitis or chicken pox.....well we could probably have told you that!

He gives us a prescription for some painkillers and tells us we should go and see our own GP!

We go to the hospital pharmacy where the pharmacist comes out with a medical dictionary, tells us the drug we have been prescribed isnt commonly used in this country but is used in Germany quite a lot without any side effects to pregnant women. She then asked us if we still wanted it!

I dont know about you but i dont go to a doctor so i can be the one to decide what i am prescribed, isnt that why they do the study and get the salary....

Anyhoo we then manage to get an appointment with our GP, the new one remember??

We had been in her office less than five minutes when she said "looks like shingles to me"

I've been back to see her this morning and she has referred me to another hospital, i am waiting to find out when my appointment is this afternoon to get the diagnosis confirmed.

I have been signed off for a week and told i will probably be off next week as well.

And where am i lucky enough to have this rash you ask??

Lucky old me, it's on my face....

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Just an update

So i was going to post a gorgeous photo of Neice Sydney meeting baby Joshua on Sunday but its on my phone, as soon as i get chance i'll put it on!

In the meantime to answer some comments, no i havent had any weird cravings as yet but i have gone off meat a little bit, the strange thing is its only proper pieces of meat for example a chicken breast or a chop etc

Put a burger or a crappy sausage in front of me and i'm quite happy lol

I've also started eating stuff i used to eat which i havent for ages because they were snacky type things i had as a quick fix when i lived alone and obviously i dont live alone anymore and Chris wouldnt eat them anyway!

As for movement, yes you'll be pleased to know there is plenty, as i am sitting here typing this baby is happily kicking away :0)

Chris has just about managed to feel 2 kicks on the outside the other day but they are still pretty much only felt by me.

The baby is VERY high up so i dont have a massive belly, if i'm honest it just looks like the flab i had before! I am sure when it drops i will look like i have ballooned overnight!

I have the midwife tomorrow morning for the normal check up and quick listen to the heartbeat and then on Monday morning i have to have the test to see if i have gestational diabetes

This means from 10pm Sunday night i can have nothing but "plain water" then i go to the hospital Monday morning for a glucose drink to see if i fall over!!

We're not particularly concerned about it, i havent shown any symptoms so far but my brother was diabetic and my dad had middle aged onset diabetes so its just a precaution.

I have only yesterday begun to get swollen ankles which i'm amazed at as i sit on my backside at a desk all day but hey ho swollen ankles, heartburn and tiredness arent really much to complain about (unless i'm really tired lol)

I have just over 11 weeks left and i'm already bored, just over 8 weeks left at work and counting the days, no doubt when baby comes i'll be rushed off my feet and wishing i were back in work!

Monday, 11 August 2008

3 out of 6!

3 out of the 6 couples who were pregnant have now had their babies!

Vikki & Andy as i already told you had Evie Emma

Holly & Lisa had Joshua Michael 2 weeks ago today

And John & Jenny had a baby girl this morning, Annie Jane!

My SIL is next in 3 weeks, then Dave & Lindsay in October, then us in November!

Friday, 8 August 2008

See i am still here!

So we went to see Jeremy Kyle last Friday afternoon and it was hilarious.

The first people we saw on the stage were a couple in their 30's and a young girl of 18 who was the wife's "best friend".

The husband had admitted to sleeping with 18 women behind his wifes back and the wife had admitted to sleeping with 3 men!

The night before the show they both confessed to one more each making it 19 and 4!

The husband wanted a paternity test for their youngest child since her confession, he wanted his wife to take a lie detector test to ensure he now knew everything and he was taking a lie detector test to prove....

are you ready for this....

that he had slept with his wife's best friend as he had confessed but the friend was denying it! and yeah i mean the 18yr old lol

Well the tests came back, the child WAS his, his wife WAS telling the truth and while taking his own lie detector test he changed his story and admitted to OVER 30 WOMEN!

This included the best friend who still denied it but hadnt taken a test.....whatever....

We were there for around 4 hours as they were behind with filming, the crew made everyone aware that they knew the show was regarded as a bit cheesy but politely asked us not to laugh if somone was breaking their heart on stage, there were other stories but nothing else as entertaining!

In other news my FIL who had an operation on his throat last year has just started to consume small amounts of liquids again after over a year of feeding himself through a peg in his stomach.
2 days ago he had his first cup of coffee!! YAY!

I'm so chuffed for him, when my SIL has her baby in September i will be able to pour him a glass of champagne :0)

We have now changed doctors and i have met her once, she seems very nice so hopefully it will be plain sailing in that area now, ill keep you posted!

As for baby im lucky enough to be continuing to have very few symptoms that people complain about during pregnancy. With only 12 weeks to go my only real complaint is the amount of heartburn i am getting.

Gaviscon is my new best friend!

Have to say though if thats all i have to complain about i better shut up before a horde of pregnant women who havent had an easy time hunt me down!

Oooh and after today only 9 weeks left at work, thats 45 work days guys and believe me i'm counting!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I know...

i am being a very absent blogger lately.

I do actually have some stuff i wanna write about such as when we went to watch Jeremy Kyle, my FIL's good news, update on the doctor situation and of course the whole being pregnant thing.

I will get to it as soon as i learn to deal with this damn heartburn!