Thursday, 14 August 2008

Just an update

So i was going to post a gorgeous photo of Neice Sydney meeting baby Joshua on Sunday but its on my phone, as soon as i get chance i'll put it on!

In the meantime to answer some comments, no i havent had any weird cravings as yet but i have gone off meat a little bit, the strange thing is its only proper pieces of meat for example a chicken breast or a chop etc

Put a burger or a crappy sausage in front of me and i'm quite happy lol

I've also started eating stuff i used to eat which i havent for ages because they were snacky type things i had as a quick fix when i lived alone and obviously i dont live alone anymore and Chris wouldnt eat them anyway!

As for movement, yes you'll be pleased to know there is plenty, as i am sitting here typing this baby is happily kicking away :0)

Chris has just about managed to feel 2 kicks on the outside the other day but they are still pretty much only felt by me.

The baby is VERY high up so i dont have a massive belly, if i'm honest it just looks like the flab i had before! I am sure when it drops i will look like i have ballooned overnight!

I have the midwife tomorrow morning for the normal check up and quick listen to the heartbeat and then on Monday morning i have to have the test to see if i have gestational diabetes

This means from 10pm Sunday night i can have nothing but "plain water" then i go to the hospital Monday morning for a glucose drink to see if i fall over!!

We're not particularly concerned about it, i havent shown any symptoms so far but my brother was diabetic and my dad had middle aged onset diabetes so its just a precaution.

I have only yesterday begun to get swollen ankles which i'm amazed at as i sit on my backside at a desk all day but hey ho swollen ankles, heartburn and tiredness arent really much to complain about (unless i'm really tired lol)

I have just over 11 weeks left and i'm already bored, just over 8 weeks left at work and counting the days, no doubt when baby comes i'll be rushed off my feet and wishing i were back in work!


crazymumma said...

A friend of mine, vegetarian for YEARS started eating sausage of all things when she was pregnant. We are ruled by those little babies so it seems!

hayley-emsley said...

Ohhhhhh it's so exciting!!! Hope you will be ok on monday!

spice-the-cat said...

Paragraph 9 is probably a pointer to the future. From 10 p.m. Sunday you'll most likely have every craving imaginable. Giraffe marinaded in Fairy Liquid, Camembert and chocolate sauce drizzled over a stuffed fox, oxtail and cherry flavour ice cream topped with Russell Brand's dandruff... Need I go on?

spice-the-cat said...

And, just to add some, and while I might just be a little remiss in having missed the occasional update, have you thought about names yet?

maxxo said...

yes i would enjoy all this free time while you can! great to hear everything is going well

The Dotterel said...

Oh yes - if you think you're tired now...!!!

The Mighty Beluga said...

how exciting! hey, swollen ankles better than no ankles...

angel said...

wow... i cannot believe how time has flown!!!