Friday, 8 August 2008

See i am still here!

So we went to see Jeremy Kyle last Friday afternoon and it was hilarious.

The first people we saw on the stage were a couple in their 30's and a young girl of 18 who was the wife's "best friend".

The husband had admitted to sleeping with 18 women behind his wifes back and the wife had admitted to sleeping with 3 men!

The night before the show they both confessed to one more each making it 19 and 4!

The husband wanted a paternity test for their youngest child since her confession, he wanted his wife to take a lie detector test to ensure he now knew everything and he was taking a lie detector test to prove....

are you ready for this....

that he had slept with his wife's best friend as he had confessed but the friend was denying it! and yeah i mean the 18yr old lol

Well the tests came back, the child WAS his, his wife WAS telling the truth and while taking his own lie detector test he changed his story and admitted to OVER 30 WOMEN!

This included the best friend who still denied it but hadnt taken a test.....whatever....

We were there for around 4 hours as they were behind with filming, the crew made everyone aware that they knew the show was regarded as a bit cheesy but politely asked us not to laugh if somone was breaking their heart on stage, there were other stories but nothing else as entertaining!

In other news my FIL who had an operation on his throat last year has just started to consume small amounts of liquids again after over a year of feeding himself through a peg in his stomach.
2 days ago he had his first cup of coffee!! YAY!

I'm so chuffed for him, when my SIL has her baby in September i will be able to pour him a glass of champagne :0)

We have now changed doctors and i have met her once, she seems very nice so hopefully it will be plain sailing in that area now, ill keep you posted!

As for baby im lucky enough to be continuing to have very few symptoms that people complain about during pregnancy. With only 12 weeks to go my only real complaint is the amount of heartburn i am getting.

Gaviscon is my new best friend!

Have to say though if thats all i have to complain about i better shut up before a horde of pregnant women who havent had an easy time hunt me down!

Oooh and after today only 9 weeks left at work, thats 45 work days guys and believe me i'm counting!


random moments said...

Woohoo to the countdown! And really glad to hear your new doc is nice. Cheers to both! :)

spice-the-cat said...

Hey, congrats on all of the things I've been missing out on recently - apart from Jeremy Kyle... that just sounds, well, awful.

Have you heard anything from the absent Fox?

Lynsey said...

Wow it's going so fast! And you FIL---that is great! Great! Great! I would love to go see a show like that...I want to see how it happenes! How cool!

sweets said...

i hate gaviscon... but what to do right?!

that show sounds horrid hehe

Giovenale Nino Sassi said...

Greetings from Italy