Thursday, 21 February 2008

What a day!

Yesterday as i drove to work my car ran out of water.

The levels HAD been checked recently but there i was stood on the motorway in the freezing cold waiting for Chris to come and rescue me (thanks babes)

I eventually manage to get from Stockport to Warrington to be told that in the afternoon i have to go over to the old office in Manchester.

So in the afternoon i leave Warrington and drive to Manchester.

I am then told i need to go back to Warrington!

I get half way back to Warrington when i am told it doesnt matter i might as well go back to Manchester!

Think i need a new job???

1 comment:

ArcticFox said...

sounds like the perfect job to me..... I'd be sitting in a coffee shop somewhere drinking a big fat mocha waiting until they all made their minds up!!