Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Sometimes i thoroughly despise the company i work for and some of the people i work with.

I've told you my job recently moved from Manchester to Warrington.

Not all the people who worked in Manchester either chose or were able to come over to Warrington.

One of these is an elderly chap who has worked for the company for around twenty years.

Shortly before we were told we were moving over to Warrington he chose to go part time.

When he was offered redundancy he was then offered it on a part time basis.

He has appealed against this saying that had he been told this would happen he wouldnt have gone part time.

The company are saying he WAS told.

We have all been interviewed individually by a chap from HR today, we havent been told what its regarding but the few questions we have been asked were about when, where and how we were told about the move.

As far as i can tell we have all answered in a way that puts our colleague in the right.

I so hope he wins and gets his money.


ArcticFox said...

here's hoping for a favourable outcome!!

Unfortunately, it's rarely the "little man" that has a leg to stand on.... companies are b'st'ds!!


maxxo said...

company ethics are shite. haveyou ever worked for a company who you value and believe in? me, never.

spice-the-cat said...

That's just mean.

angel said...

i hope so too! hell...