Friday, 22 February 2008

Conversation with Sydney....

Last night Chris and i babysat for Sydney for a couple of hours whilst Mum and Dad went to parents evening and i just thought i'd share a couple of cute conversations...

Conversation 1. I had to take Sydney upstairs to change her clothes and it went a little like this

Yes Sydney?
Are you my friend?
Of course i'm your friend!
Are you my Auntie?
Yes but that doesnt mean i cant be your friend as well does it?
I'll always be your friend because i love you very much
I love you very much too ( said in VERY excited voice)

How cute is that, made my day :0)

Bit of background for the second one, when Chris and i took her to the Christmas Market last year we bought her a small glass snowglobe.
A few days later she dropped it and was heartbroken that it couldnt be fixed.

So when we went to Scotland we bought her another, plastic this time to avoid breakages!

Chris was winding her up last night, picked it up off the table and said it was his...

This is my snowglobe
No its mine its mine
Well Sydney if you can tell me where its from you can have it (it says Scotland on it)
Its from the table!

At which point we all laughed and Chris sheepishly gave it back to her, cant really argue with that can you lol


ArcticFox said...

Kids eh? They're great when you can give 'em back!!


Good story!!


spice-the-cat said...

She's going to grow up to be a lawyer.

angel said...

totally out of the mouths of babes!