Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Little update...

So I haven’t posted anything but pictures and video for a while.
We have been busy sorting out our finances and my job has moved from Manchester to Warrington.

My sister put me on to which is definitely worth a look! Gives you loads of info on how to save money in lots of different ways.
Since first looking we have changed our gas, electric, telephone and broadband supplier, Chris has saved a whopping £30 PER MONTH on his car insurance!

We have wangled money back from places and cheaper rates and sorted pensions, life insurance and the mortgage, we’ve been very busy!

On top of that my job has moved, the new offices seem great so far and my job is currently the same so its only the journey that’s changed, going in is fine but coming home is taking a lot longer than it did but then I have only been doing it a week or so, I may not have found the best way yet!

Chris has been really ill with Flu, and no I don’t mean “man flu” he was actually really poorly, so glad I didn’t catch it!!

All our family have been fine with no-one ill for a few weeks now so we have been enjoying having some peace and time to ourselves, translated means we have been lazing about watching films and enjoying our faster broadband speed :0)

It’s our first valentines as Mr & Mrs tomorrow so going along the money saving theme we have set a budget we have to stick to so I am intrigued to find out what Chris buys!


spice-the-cat said...

You've regained the ability to use words. How wonderful.

ArcticFox said...

I'd like to start this comment with the punchline of a very funny joke..... and if you know the joke, then you'll know what I mean, otherwise you'll just look at me weird.... oh wait, now I have started this comment with an explanation of what I was going to do, and have missed out the punchline.... never mind.... here it is anyway....


(incidentally, don't think I haven't been keeping up with you.... Dawn's an avid reader and she keeps me posted)

Love to youse both