Tuesday, 17 June 2008


So about a year or so ago i developed an infection in my belly button (i know yuk!)

Went to the Doctors he gave me some cream, it went away.

It came back, used more cream, it went away.

It came back, used more cream, it went away.

It came back, used more cream, it went away.

Went back to the Doctors, he gave me some antibiotics, it went away.

It came back, used more cream, it went away.

It came back, used more cream, it went away.

It came back, used more cream, it went away.

So a couple of weeks ago i went back to the doctors, he took a swab to send off to the hospital and gave me 2 creams...

I got a phone call roughly a week later from the doctors receptionist stating the results had come back and that the doctor had written me a prescription for some more antibiotics which was waiting for me to collect.

I'm not sure what made me ask if they were ok for me to take as HELLO I'M 20 WEEKS PREGNANT but i did, at which point she put the doctor on the phone so he could tell me no, i couldnt take them if i was pregnant.

He said he would phone the hospital to find out if there was anything i could take.

A few hours later the receptionist phones again to tell me there is nothing i can take for this while i'm pregnant so just to keep it clean and dry.

Again, not sure what made me ask if i was to continue using the creams but i did, she wasnt sure she would phone me back.

Another phone call from the receptionist to say "erm yeah use em if you like"

Now i dont consider myself to be somone who panicks unreasonably but why is everyone looking at me and Chris like we are over reacting when we say we would like to change doctors.

They guy prescribed me something i shouldnt be taking when not only did he confirm i was pregnant but i asked him if i should be worried about it in connection with the baby when i was there and he was taking the swab!

Is there only us that find it unacceptable that he would carelessly prescribe me something im not supposed to be taking???


Lynsey said...

Um hello our trust is supposed to be in doctors and I don't think I would be too trustworthy of your doctor. I'd look into interviewing a few other doctors, that's precious cargo you're carrying. How's the pregnancy going anyway? You don't blog too much about it.

angel said...

ooh i think i might find someone else too. i sometimes wonder if doctors pay any attention at all!

sweets said...

an infection in your belly button??... that sounds painful!! you should go to a health shop and see if they don't have anything to use in the meantime, don't use any prescribed stuff right now, better be safe i always say.

and get another doctor!

Rob Clack said...

Yeah, I'd chop the current doc in for a new model.

random moments said...

Oh my god, how completely careless of them! Can you imagine if you had taken it and something went wrong?? *shudder* I would definitely think about looking for a new doc.

On below post - you guys are so cute! You should show us some belly pics soon! :)


Much xoxo - Jill

The Kept Woman said...

I don't think you even need a reason to switch providers honestly. Some patients and docs have good chemistry and others not. If you can't be comfortable and confident with what your doc is telling you (or even being with them in a room) then you have the right to find someone that puts your mind at ease. Go for it and hope that belly button gets better...miraculously...or something. Mine is herniated (don't ask) so I get the belly button issue...