Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Photoshoot 2!

So what did we do with our time off??

On Friday we cleaned....yeah i know not exactly what you wanna do when you are on "holiday" but we cleaned that house from top to bottom, every room, Chris even did the garden.

The house was spotless, the garden was tidy and clean and the bbq was set up ready for Saturdays bbq.

And then of course it rained!

In the end we just had Amanda, Paul and Keith round as originally planned and cancelled the bbq, we still had a good night and didnt get to bed till 4am!

Sunday we lay about on the sofas all day as we were knackered lol, sorted out the mess from the night before and then did nothing, it was great, the house was still lovely and clean and tidy apart from a few pots so we just got the dishwasher going and relaxed.

On Monday we went to Jodrell Bank in the afternoon, it is being threatened with closure which i think would be a real shame. We only had to pay £2 each to go in, then another £1 each to watch a 3d film of a trip to Mars in the future! We werent there long but it was interesting and i'm glad we went.

Monday evening was Goldfrapp, they were fab! The atmosphere was great and the venue was good in my opinion, havent been to Bridgewater Hall before.
The baby obviously liked one song in particular as started doing somersaults but then stopped when the song did! Think we may have a Goldfrapp fan on our hands lol

Tuesday we went for the scan....

Chris is now convinced it is a boy, The red arrows point to 2 shadows which are very much like legs and the blue arrow another smaller shadow in the middle of them....

Well we didnt ask and we werent told so i guess we'll just have to wait and see but it does look suspiciously like we may have a boy on our hands!

And if you look at it this way you can see a freaky face!


random moments said...

Awww! I think I can see a little winky! Lol.

When my friend M was preggers, I called her baby Cletus the Fetus. Really wigged a lot of people out.

spice-the-cat said...

I can see a little face. How odd. And if you look towards the right side of the scan I can see a little arm raised waving back.

Also, if you look carefully to the left of the dark patch in front of the baby's face you can see what looks like an upside down squirrel - it's head is pointing upwards - with it's tail curled towards the baby's head and it's front leg streched out past it's head. It might also be a mongoose but it looks like a squirrel to me.

I'd ask how you manage to be carrying both a baby and a squirrel (or mongoose) but fear that the answer would be:

A/ Unbelievable
B/ Unacceptable
3/ Impossible
D/ An episode of Dr Who

sweets said...

that's so cool...

and it's a boy, without a doubt :)

Angie said...

Hmm - jury's still out, but you may be right, it may be a boy. If it does turn out to be a squirrel though, can I have the film rights??

angel said...

i just LOVE how you're sharing these with us! they're awesome!!!