Thursday, 5 June 2008

Jeremy Kyle

On the first bank holiday of the year Chris and i were lounging around in the morning watching Jeremy Kyle and marvelling at how patronising he is and the fact that to our knowledge no-one has punched him yet when up on the screen came the message..

"If you would like to be in the audience of The Jeremy Kyle show text this number for tickets"

Well thinking it might be a laugh if nothing else we both text in and promptly forgot about it.

Imagine my surprise the other day when i was sitting in the doctors waiting room, my phone rang and a very nice lady informed me she would be sending me 5 free tickets to the show for July 17th!

Chris says he is going to "Chav up" and stand up to make comments a lot to see if he can get on TV, i'm so glad it's 5 tickets, i might be able to get 3 people to sit in between us lol

Anyhow it should be a laugh if nothing else and definitely something different to do!


blair said...

what was the number?
i have been looking for tickets for ages but i have had no luck.

Lynsey said...

Oh how cool is that! Have fun!

angel said...

mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa... chris doesn't plan on belting him does he?

Polgara said...

I don't have the number i text originally but i do have a letter from ITV at home confirming the tickets.
I will put the number up for you when i get home!
Pol x

blair said...

ok then thank you!
i am most greatful (:

Polgara said...

Hi Blair,
The letter is from someone called John O'Brien and says he is an audience researcher.
The number is 0161 835 6446
Good luck, hope you manage to get some tickets!
Pol x

blair said...

thank you SO much!
im ill, but i got my dad to ring up and he left a messege.
so hopefully they will ring back or something :)
thank you

The Mighty Beluga said...

the irony! in the middle of the show stand up and shout, "STOP BEING SO PATRONIZING!" i'm sur it will make many people happy.

Cocaine Princess said...

Hope you guys have a fantastic time.
Cocaine Princess

hayley-emsley said...

Hell yeh! Sounds like a laugh! 3 of my friends went last year and said it was great! They made a day of it and had lunch and that. Hope you write a post on it!?

Katt said...

thanks for giving that number out.
I just rang the number up and left a message. i hope he rings back!
lol x