Friday, 27 June 2008

Hard to believe...

but there are 6 couples who attended our wedding (including us) who are having babies this year!

Vicky & Andy i'm happy to say gave birth to a healthy baby girl who they have named Evie Emma on Wednesday :0)

Holly & Lisa, well Lisa is in the first stages of labour as we speak! Good luck hun!

That leaves:

Jenny & John who are due in August

Davina & Chris who are due in September

Dave & Lindsay who are due in October

Me & Chris due in November :0) (i'm always last lol)

So this weekend we have decided to get the nursery ready, assisted by a generous donation of cash from my fabulous MIL which was a really nice surprise last night.

This is the bedding we have chosen....what do you think??


Us said...

This is absolutly adorable!

spice-the-cat said...

Looks a little bit like the Arctic Fox's house.

The Mighty Beluga said...

GAH so cute. So they have that bedding for 16 year olds?

sweets said...

really good choice :)

J.J said...

Very very sweet!

kelly said...

man you guys are having hordes of them! umm.... congrats? hehe

That bedding is really adorable! Great choice!

random moments said...

*gasp* I love, love, LOVE!! Aww Pol, that makes me a little giddy thinking about when I will get to pick cute bedding some day. :)

High five MIL!

Cocaine Princess said...

I love the stars and how they dangle. Perfect since your precious baby inside of you is a gift from heaven. I myself can't wait to have a baby. I know the recipe, I'm just missing one main ingredient, a good man! Stay healthy.

Cocaine Princess

crazymumma said...

sigh. babies. Love em.

Angie said...

Aw - it's really lovely!

angel said...

omw... its exquisite! big lump in my throat "aaawwww" moment here!!!