Monday, 9 June 2008

Conversation with Sydney #2

Sydney - Have you still got a baby in your belly?

Me - Yes darling, it's your baby cousin.

Sydney - Auntie Emma, how do you get the baby out?

Me - Erm, well i go to the hospital and they take it out for me darling.

Sydney - Through the hole???

Me - Erm yeah, would you like a biscuit darling??


sweets said...

LOL... my son once asked similar questions and i had to tell him all... afterwards he looked at me (quite disgusted) and said...

that's just gross...

The Kept Woman said...

LOL at Sweets...cute!

Lordy. I feel your pain.

And yeah, sorry about the graphic explanation of the birth over at my place. Really, it doesn't suck that bad for most women, I promise (crosses fingers)...seriously though, as long as they don't have to suc-vac the kid out you should be good!