Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Amsterdam


Pixie said...

Good morning darling - see you are in good fettle!!!!

maxxo said...

woaahh ... too much detail!

random moments said...

I have no words.

You seem excited. No wait, he seems excited. *snort* Sorry, bad humor.

Didn't I say I didn't have any words? Okay, I'm leaving now... ;)

The Fatalist said...

That looks like it's from the sex museum! Never visited it actually, prefer to trawl the sex cinemas, looking for real cocks to play with! ;-)

Haven't actually been to the 'Dam for a couple of years, it's a great city to go to, there's so much more than just the red light district, & liberal drugs.
Love the place! If ever my lottery numbers came up it would be one of my three homes:
House in London, apartment in Prague, and houseboat in Amsterdam!

Lynsey said...

This is one I wish had words :)

angel said...

mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaa... was she paid to sit there for a photo!!?!?!?!!

Cocaine Princess said...

The only word that comes to mind is OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cocaine Princess