Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Tuesday Ten #3

Ten bands/artists i have seen live in no particular order..
Some embarrassing some not, i'll let you decide but would like to point out they weren't ALL my choice, some were just keeping a friend company...

1. Alexander O'Neill

2. Luther Vandross

3. Simply Red

4. Prodigy

5. Goldfrapp

6. Elvis Costello

7. Status Quo

8. Joe Cocker

9. Rod Stewart

10. Steps


maxxo said...

i am pleased to report i haven't seen any of those bands. they sound quite painful.

Polgara said...

Some of them were indeed painful!
Pol x

random moments said...

Luther Vandross huh? I knew you'd be the type. ;)

I haven't seen any of those so I really shouldn't even open my mouth. I've only been to see Garth Brooks, Clint Black - both with friends and for friends, not my choice - and Sarah McLaughlin. The last was definitely my choice!

Cocaine Princess said...

I love Goldfrapp!

Cocaine Princess

Stacie said...

That's awsome...I'd love to see some of those myself. I've only ever been to see Huey Lewis and the News back in the 80's. I really need to get out more LOL


Globus said...

who was the best?

J.J said...

Now that really is a mixture! I only share Mr Costello with you and that was many years ago. Would have loved to see Prodigy. Am far too polite to mention Luther Vandross :-)

angel said...

ha... nice!
i've never seen any of those! i have seen james, collective soul, alanis morissette, smashing pumpkins and loads of south african bands like boo!, wonderboom, crash car burn and many others...