Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tuesday Ten #4

What is your favorite?...name one of each:

1. Food?

2. Book?
A Prayer for Owen Meany

3. Item of clothing?

4. Actor?
Ed Norton

5. Movie?
Twin Town

6. Colour?

7. Time of day?

8. Season?

9. Holiday?
City break

10. Animal?


ArcticFox said...

grapes;if chins could kill - confessions of a b movie actor;tshirts - tons of em - drunknmunky especially;steve buscemi;currently it's gotta be dead man's shoes;ultraviolet;hammer time;autumn;whitby;hedgehog


Elise said...

1. Anything, I like most things
2. Identity by Milan Kundura (until I read the next book)
3. Jeans (great minds think alike)
4. Johnny Depp
5. What Dreams May Come
6. Blue
7. Nights are so beautiful
8. Spring
9. Christmas
10. Cat!

Elise xx

random moments said...

Good list! Me too on #1!

Clothing: pajamas
Color: baby blue
Time of Day: morning (esp on weekends!)
Season: yep, Fall for me too
Holiday: beach - need...soon...
Animal: Mini Monsters

P.S. - Thanks for the sweet comments. No website for the personal chef gig. :) heehee.

Lynsey said...

What is City break?

angel said...

"twin town"?
never heard of it...