Monday, 14 April 2008

Video Cameras

Video cameras are without doubt a great thing to have with you when you take children somewhere exciting.
The only problem is that having borrowed my sisters video camera and filming our day with Sydney we didnt take any photo's!!
I was gutted when i realised.

We didnt take her to Knowsley Safari park in the end as the weather was awful we figured it would be a waste of time.
Instead we took her to Eureka which was fab!

As soon as we get a copy of the video i will try and post some but don't hold your breath, Sydney's mummy & daddy have a lot on at the moment with Sydney's grandad in hospital so it will probably be a while!

For the rest of the weekend we were incredibly bored, we didnt go out, no-one came round. All we did was watch TV and we were both bored with that!


Lynsey said...

I want to go to that museum!!! That looks fun!

random moments said...

Sometimes being bored all during the week really makes the weekend that much better!

Where was Eureka when I was a kid?? :)

ArcticFox said...

Erm, can't you grab some stills off the video??


angel said...

wow... that place looks awesome!