Saturday, 15 December 2007

Sydney came to visit!

So I mentioned we were having toddler niece Sydney overnight a few weeks ago and promised photos which have blatantly failed to materialise.

This is mainly down to the disappointment that is Windows Vista, NOTHING appears to be compatible with it, including the lead supplied to connect my phone to my laptop.

Unfortunately I hadn’t realised it was down to Vista until last night, I thought it was the lead itself.

The thought it might be Vista popped into my head last night so I tried it on the PC and hey presto it worked!

So I can tell you that we took Sydney to the Christmas Market in Manchester to see the big Snowman/Santa on the Town Hall. Apart from the fact that it was so busy it was bedlam it was lovely.

They have lots of stalls selling different things, they sell mulled wine and bratwurst. We were asking Sydney all the way there if she was going to have a hotdog and we were puzzled that she kept saying no and giving us that look meaning “are you crazy why would I” and looking a little bit scared when we realised she probably didn’t know what a hotdog was! Her mum and dad don’t really do junk food so why would she!
We changed tack and asked her if she wanted a sausage and it was all smiles!

We had been told (I’m adding this sentence to cover my arse lol) that we could feed her “anything we wanted” so we did!

She loves pancakes anyway but give her pancakes with chocolate and cream and she can’t get enough!

However I think the biggest hit of the day were the chocolate covered strawberries, we all had some and I have to say they were absolutely delicious.

She really really wanted to go on the big wheel and even though he is pretty scared of heights Chris was prepared to take her on but it was so windy!
I’m not really bothered by heights but I didn’t fancy being on it, especially with a 2yr old who may decide half way through she doesn’t like it anymore!

And she loved Chris wearing her hat!

She is fascinated by water, we walked through the market looking at all the pretty stalls and we bought presents for mum and dad but walked past a couple of “water features” on the streets of Manchester and we couldn’t get her away lol, all she wanted to do was look at and play in the water!

She’s at the “why” stage so drove us mad the whole time, she did however prove how intelligent she was when I tried doing the “why” thing back to her for a while and she stopped, looked up at me and said “had enough now”

Ha! Doesn’t work when we say that lol

She was a darling the whole time, we had her overnight after the market so took her home, gave her tea and then played for a short while before bed.

She was VERY excited to be sleeping in HER bed in our house as she calls it, Chris read her a story and she went off to sleep and we didn’t hear a peep out of her until almost eight the next morning, fab.

The next day we took her to a christening in Liverpool so it was bath and party clothes all the way, she loved dancing to the disco.

By the time we took her home we were exhausted! I can’t imagine what it’s like having a toddler full time but I suppose we’ll find out at some point…

We bought mum and dad a small snow globe with a teddy bear inside, a few days later my sister phoned to say Sydney had dropped it on the driveway and it had smashed.
She was inconsolable, kept telling daddy to “fix it” in between sobs.
It was obviously irreparable and although daddy’s friend was going to the market that evening and could have got another it was decided that Sydney should learn that some things can’t be fixed…
It was so sweet that she loved it so much to be upset and so sad but right that it couldn’t be fixed.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Sydney is adorable.

It can be so wonderful to have a toddler around as she learns about the world.

spice-the-cat said...

Hmmm! I can feel your broodiness growing from three thousand miles away.

rudecactus said...

Awesome shots! Looks like you guys had a great time!

angel said...

aaaaw sweeeet... and strawberries are simply divine!

i had to visit your blog after i saw your name on nick's list- "polgara" is one of my all time favourite characters created in fiction! i have even read the eddings' story thats all about her- wonderful stuff!

i'll be back!