Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The D.I.Y.King!

I think i've mentioned we are having a party New Years Eve.

This has naturally brought to light lots and lots of jobs big and small that we need to do beforehand.

We have done the garden as you saw on the photo's which was probably the biggest job and we are really pleased with it.

Last weekend it was time for a few smaller jobs which fell to Chris.

Chris hasnt done much diy in the past from what he says, he rented his house so the owners were responsible, now he owns a house and its down to him.

He says he's not the handiest guy in the world and wont tackle anything he thinks is beyond him in case he makes it worse and in turn more expensive to resolve.

So i was double proud and chuffed last weekend when he did the following..

Put a light up in the garden.
Put up my 2 retractable washing lines.
Fixed the drainpipe in the garden back to the wall.
Put up some more coat hooks inside
Put up the new light fitting in the lounge
Put together the new unit for the lounge
Put up the house numbers outside the house

The house looks great and apart from a small amount of cleaning by me its down to Chris, my DIY King!

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spice-the-cat said...

Note to Chris: Big mistake doing these jobs - a better strategy would have been to make a mess of the first one so you'd be excused all future tasks. Now you've set a precedent and will be expected to be down B&Q every Sunday getting materials for then next project.