Tuesday, 4 December 2007

How to make pancakes like a crack head

1.Gather your junkiesque supplies

2.Cut up your pancake mix (Junk).


4.Pile up your pancake mix.


6.Add 1 bump salt and 1 bump baking powder to crack head mirror.

7.Next add your water.
8.After the water put a shot of milk.
9.The last liquid added is oil. This is optional but if you truly want to make crack head pan cakes, put a double shot.
10.Now cut everything together. Mix until liquid.
11.Now for the egg. Take you syringe and poke THROUGH the egg shell. Extract your Egg.

12.Add the raw egg (crack head style).
13.After mixed add your pancake mix to your crack spoon. Hold spoon open flame
14.Cook both sides! This is raw egg, you don’t want to risk your health.
15.Done! Breakfast is served and your crack head pancake is now complete. Enjoy the CrackJack

This is not my work, it was mailed to me by a friend but i thought i would share.
This is the original link:


spice-the-cat said...

Where's the maple syrup?

maxxo said...

that is mint! how fun is that? thanks for stopping by my site, a noo bloggy neighbour, ooh!

Natalie said...

hehe, that is mad!