Thursday, 15 May 2008

We had a great weekend!

On Saturday we lazed around on the sofa watching TV, went for an afternoon snooze and then got up, got ready and went to a housewarming/birthday party at Holly and Lisa's.
Sunday we bought a barbeque and Chris went to watch the football in the pub with Keith and Lee, i picked them up after the match and we had a bbq and ended up sitting in the garden till around midnight.
I did/do have photo's but our "dongle" doesnt seem to be working and my phone software wont work with vista so for the time being they are stuck on my phone!

Monday was just the normal day at work, it was Sydney's birthday so we visited after work for a while and then went home.
I can't believe she is 3!
Oh and bless her, she has chicken pox!

Tuesday i got up for work to discover i was bleeding again, we phoned the midwife number for advice and were told to go to the early pregnancy unit.

We eventually managed to park and went in where they listened for baby's heartbeat which they found immediatley (YAY!) and then decided to do a speculum examination.

This confirmed that the neck of the womb is closed (a good thing) but she took a swab and said i may have some sort of infection so to ring on Friday for the results.
I was advised because of the drive i have to work not to come in for a couple of days so today is my first day back in and i will probably be off tomorrow as i have to go and see the midwife to listen to the heartbeat again!

So it's been another one of those weeks, i've been sat at home feeling like a fraud as there isnt really anything wrong wih me and the hospital seem sure the baby is fine.

It may sound odd but we're hoping it IS an infection, at least then we will know what it is and what we can do about it.
I know the hospital can't tell us much as they don't know themselves but when they say we can do nothing but go home and see what happens they might as well be saying go home and see if you have a miscarriage!

I'm making the hospital sound bad which is not my intention at all, they have been really really good and i can't really fault them (although they could do with extra parking!)

You hear parents moaning about how their children are always a worry, even as adults you cant help but worry about them, looks like Pug's just getting in early with the worry...


maxxo said...

fingers crossed for you and little pug. at least you can chill out while at home - no stress is a good thing!

random moments said...

Oh dear. Keeping you guys in my thoughts, Pol.

Glad you had a good weekend with hub's being off. Feels like such a treat, huh?