Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Tuesday Ten #8

When was the last time you....

1. kissed someone?
This morning!

2. drank coffee?
This morning!

3. read a book?
Last week

4. checked your email?
2 mins ago

5. drank alcohol?
19th April (how sad i can be that accurate!)

6. said "I love you'?
Last night

7. went to the movies?
Whenever "I am legend" came out

8. drove a car?
This morning

9. went to a party?
10th May!

10. cooked a meal?
Last week


kelly said...

What is sadder? That you can be that accurate about when you drank alcohol... or that you can't remember at all??!! I have no life... at least not a fun one that involves alcohol. :-P

random moments said...

Hi there! Glad someone missed me a little. :)

We went to theatre to see I Am Legend too. We were disappointed, esp after all the hype beforehand.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Excellent memory! I don't think that I could have answered those so precisely.

angel said...

here're my answers:

wednesday morning
this morning
last night
now just
last saturday
this morning
erm... can't remember now!
this morning
last saturday
tuesday night

have a wonderful weekend!!!