Thursday, 1 May 2008

Today i have been mostly

drinking Apple Lucozade

and eating Opal Fruits

*Dammit i know they're called Starburst now but they'll always be Opal Fruits to me!*


Cocaine Princess said...

I LOVE english candy especially Flake, Buttons and I forget the name, I think they're called CLUB BARS? They're orange flavored chocolates that are are sold in a pack.

Cocaine Princess

Stacie said...

Ok, I confess, I thought the lucozade was toothpaste and opal fruits? That didn't sound good to me at all until you said they were Starbursts..LOL I wonder what other things we have that have different names in other places? I'm glad you shared this with us.

um..but what IS Lucozade?
is it a juice? or a soft drink?

maxxo said...

yeh lets hear it for opal fruits. starburst sounds so lame ...

angel said...

oooh... yummy!