Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Tuesday Ten #1

Since i've seen loads of blogs with a "Thursday Thirteen" or something similar i thought i'd have a go but just to be different i thought i'd do a "Tuesday Ten"

Ten things that have made me feel old:

1. When the woman with a small child at the bus stop said "mind that lady" instead of "mind that girl"

2. Neice Claire turned 20! I mean 20 really! how inconsiderate!

3. When i sit in the doctor's waiting room and the "well women" clinic notices on the board are for women aged 18-25!

4. When my boss didnt know who The Crankies were!

5. When Neice Claire didnt know who Mr T was!

6. When a woman in a shop thought she recognised me as a girl she went to primary school with, turned out she meant my sister! (my sister is 9, yes NINE years older than me!)

7. When i fill in a form with tick boxes for your age and my box isnt in the first 2!

8. When people call me Mrs Hall lol

9. Last weekend i went to a 40th birthday party that was one of my own friends lol

10. When i'm with a small child like Sydney and strangers assume she is mine!


Elise said...
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angel said...

oh my goodness now i feel old... and what makes me feel really old? my son turning 17 this saturday coming!!!