Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Tagged by FoX

I have been tagged by FoX under the pretence that he is interested in who i e-mail but i tend to believe he was doing me the faour of giving me something to write about lol

4 movies I'd watch again
Twin Town
Pulp Fiction
Napoleon Dynamite

4 places I've lived

I'm afraid i've only lived in 3!

4 TV shows I watch

Family Guy
South Park
Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

4 people I email

Anyone who e-mails me!
Fish Face, real name Louisa, my friend i used to work with but rarely see anymore.
Karen or "Purplefox" , i would link to her blog but spaces is unavailable and she doesnt post much anyway lol
Zivanai Marandu! A guy i work with to whom i forward my funnies, just thought i'd share his wonderful name lol

4 things I eat

Cheese (it's my downfall in life.... Cheese on toast is one of my faves).
Ham & Cheese Sandwiches (am i allowed a combination of the first two??)
Pepperoni Pizza

4 places I'd rather be

Amsterdam, Blue Velvet coffeeshop with Chris :0)
Walking out of work to go home
On the motorway on the way home from work
At home (can you sense a theme?)

I would tag people but two of the people i would tag have either tagged me or been tagged by my tagger!


ArcticFox said...

V Good!!

A quick turnaround that surely implies I was right to entrust you with the task!!


angel said...

very cool- i love cheese and bread too!!!