Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Such a shame

I work with a really nice young man called Alex.
He's about 24, a nice friendly young man who rarely takes time off work and when he is there he works hard and is a pleasure to be around.

At the beginning of last week he came into work looking upset, asked to have a word with our manager and when he came back it was obvious he had been crying.

Alex is Greek, he has been in Britain for around 5 years, lives with his girlfriend and seems happy.
He has been told he has to go back to Greece to do his National Service.

He leaves tomorrow, flies back to Greece on Sunday.

It's such a shame.


AuntieJen21 said...

Oh! I feel so badly for him! Will his girlfriend be able to join him? Hopefully it is something short and he will be able to pick his life back up where he left off once his commitment is over?

In USA we don't have mandatory service (unless they inact a draft during a war, but that's another story), which I guess is a good thing? Instead our armed services offer rather large "signing bonuses" that put dollar-signs in the eyes of youth who didn't have a plan for after high school anyways! :)

For sure I will post Disney World pictures when we get back. Can you tell that I am beside myself with excitement? LOL

bRaT said...

oh my.. that has to suck... it's usually only european countries that have mandatory service... and just a few of them too.. But the MoD spends a hell of a lot on advertising for the RAF etc.

Being a defense officer used to be a way of life... Now it's just a means..

random moments said...

Hey you. :)

That's really sad. What a shock that must be to him and his girlfriend. I wonder if it was something that always hung over his head, that he knew may happen.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Yes, it is a terrible shame. Perhaps someday there will be true peace in this old world and no need for national service.

tony said...

Yes a lot of Places Still Do National Service. Does he have to do 2 years?

hayley-emsley said...

That sucks, it is a shame when you work with someone you really get on with and they either leave or you do and you lose contact, he clearly doesn't want to go. Poor Alex.

Lynsey said...

Oh man that sucks big time. I hope it all works out for him.


spice-the-cat said...

That's quite odd since as far as I'm aware Greeks can get their national service deferred for as long as they are living abroad and registered as a resident.

There is a set procedure they have to follow but many of will do it due to the rather bizarre situation created by Greece considering people to be Greek citizens, and therefore eligable for national service, even as far removed as the third generation to be born outside of Greece.

Perhaps your colleague should have contacted the Greek Embassy before heading back.

Natalie said...

That sux, shame man:-(

angel said...

poor dude, how long will he be gone?

Cindy Breninger said...

What a bummer...:(