Monday, 19 November 2007

Old Married Woman!

This weekend i realised i was an old married woman!

We spent the weekend as anticipated doing the garden on Saturday and the christmas shopping on Sunday.
The garden looks fab! I am sooo chuffed with it!
Anyway i digress from the old married woman theme, this weekend as i said we finished the garden (or so we thought) and attempted the christmas shopping.
It took us all day on Saturday to do the garden, we began by digging up all the plants and weeds, these were then replaced by bin bags with holes to hopefully prevent the weeds growing back and gravel.
We did this all round the garden and then went of to buy some pots and plants, more gravel as you never seem to buy enough and some patio cleaner.
We lit the chimenea to keep us a little warmer while we worked as it was freezing!
We finished the gravel, potted the plants and then Chris set about cleaning the concrete, he really did work hard.
It looks sooo much better! It's neat and clean and not an embarrassing mess anymore :0)
What do you think??

The washing lines will be coming down as we have bought retractable ones, that way we can use the garden without them getting in the way. I never knew you could get such a buzz from buying something so bizarre as retractable washing lines :0)
Sunday i was dragged almost kicking and screaming to the Trafford Centre to attempt the christmas shopping.
Those that know me will know how much i hate and detest shopping, i can think of no worse way to spend my time, i hate being dragged from shop to shop, being bumped into, ignorant people....i could go on and on...
Anyway we got there around 2pm to find all the carpark signs were informing us they were full, at this point i'm happily thinking "great we can go home" but my beloved had other plans lol and managed to sneak his car in somewhere and off we went.
I have to admit it wasnt too bad, we only shopped for around 2 hours, we got the majority of our presents and then had a nice early tea at Frankie and Benny's before coming home, once home we went on the net and apart from wrapping paper our shopping is done!!!!!
I feel like i have had the most productive weekend ever! Even though the house is a mess!
So i'm a happy girl and i feel i had a good weekend, the most exiting parts for me being the completion of the garden and the christmas shopping and retractable washing lines which is what makes me think i have turned into an old married woman, albeit it a happy one :0)


spice-the-cat said...

Emma, what you're experiencing is part of a twelve step programme named Domestic Bliss. It goes like this.

1/ Begin to enjoy previously despised household tasks like gardening and decorating.

2/ Find enjoyment in washing lines.

3/ Start wearing flower print pinafores.

4/ Begin talking like Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough while leaning over the garden fence.

5/ Find yourself doing the laundry on Mondays and, at the same time, putting a coloured line on the edges of your doorstep with a donkey stone.

6/ Buy a whippet.

7/ Help your husband choose a flat cap to wear on his night out at the racing pigeon club.

8/ Start driving at thirty mph no matter where you are and start lusting after an old Morris Minor for your next car.

9/ Enjoy drinking mild beer in the local pub.

10/ Get upset when you enter the local pub and find someone sitting in your seat.

11/ Buy a Shackleton high seat chair "They're luvely, yer know"

12/ Die

Rob Clack said...

Something missing from your garden pics - 2 large wine glasses and a bottle of something nice, cold and white! It's obvious you've only just started at this game.

1. The purpose of the garden is for you to sit there drinking and putting the world to rights.

2. This is also the second purpose.

3. There is no number 3.

Natalie said...

You and Chris should come do my garden! Our dogs have destroyed it!