Friday, 16 November 2007

First Post

So i'm giving it a go over here as MSN is totally winding me up, does it ever do as you ask without crashing first!!

Welcome to my new world...

It's Friday and i am so glad to have a couple of days off work, my job is moving from Manchester to Warrington we think in February next year and while i'm not exactly chuffed about it i am really sick of listening to people moan about it...

So to the weekend i go, we plan to finish the garden tomorrow in preparation of the New Years Eve party to which i can just imagine us going to all this troublr for no-one to attend, ah well at least we'll have a nice garden ready for the summer.

We have during the course of the week purchased more gravel and some oil lamps as the lights we bought failed to work, all EIGHT of them grrr. We have also purchase a new outside light, some concrete cleaning product and a drain cover.

Tomorrow we will remove the rest of the plants/weeds and get started, i dont think it will take us long so hopefully should post some pics before the end of the weekend!

Sunday we plan to go christmas shopping, i'm really hoping we can get it all done in one go, I HATE shopping, the thought of being dragged around shops for hours on end is my worst nightmare. Luckily Chris is more than aware of this so hopefully we will stop for a nice lunch somewhere and it will stop me becoming the irate, bad tempered cow that extended shopping tends to turn me into!

So thats my weekend guys, hope you all have a good one x

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Natalie said...

I also hate shopping, mainly cause I never have any money!hee hee