Thursday, 22 November 2007

Champix update.

I have no idea what day we are up to but we have another 1.5 weeks tablets left and then after that get a prescription for the last 6 weeks.

We are now in our 3rd week of not smoking at all during the week but we havent managed a weekend yet which is getting on my nerves a bit lol

However we have Sydney this weekend so hopefully we will manage it with the encouragement of having her around.

Prepare for lots of cute photo's :0)

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smoke-free-spice said...

I think it's really weird how you can get through the week not smoking and then light up at the weekends. I remember when I quit once before around 12 years ago and the only way i could get through the weekends without smoking was to stop drinking too - I did this for about six month and then I was OK.

Well, not quite true - I started again on the cigs 2.1/2 years later after a weekend bender, but after this year's Zyban cure all is well again and I do feel so much better for quitting.