Thursday, 4 March 2010

Good and Bad (as usual)

The Good
Imogen is back at SIL’s today and it seems to be going well *phew*
She sent me these photo’s earlier and I think she looks happy enough lol

The Bad
This is Tortoiseshell Cat (yes that’s her name) also known as Baby Cat.
I have to take her to the vets tomorrow and she won’t be coming home with me.
We are devastated.


angel said...

Aw, sorry bout your kitty.

Elise said...

My god! Pol, your baby has grown so much. She's a real angel.

Glad to be back. Looks like I have alot to catch up on xx

petoskystone said...

i am so sorry to hear of tortie cat's visit. last year i had to have my 15 yr old dobie/shepard mix put down. i still tear up thinking about that trip, even though it was the hunane & proper thing to do. dieter was, & is, my honey-faced angel.

Rob Clack said...

Glad you're back, Pol, and congrats on the pregnancy.
Sorry about the pussycat. Horrid.