Friday, 1 May 2009

I know I know...

Its been ages again, i will get better i promise!
We have so much going on at the moment there is barely time to turn the laptop on never mind post a blog!
We have two family members who are dying. Both Nanna in law and FIL have cancer and have been told its terminal. FIL isnt so bad as yet but Nanna is deteriorating. Its so sad.
Neice Claire has moved back in again, for those that remember my posts from her living here on any of the previous 4 times she has grown up a little at 21 and so far (5 days in) things have been good.
However we do only have a 2 bed house with us and Imogen in it already so last week was spent emptying the cellar which i had turned into a room just before i met Chris and he then moved in and its been full of our rubbish ever since.
On top of all that we have the usual family and friend obligations, we are at a friends wedding on Saturday, Neice Sydneys 4th birthday is only a couple of weeks away, my 2 best friends are pregnant again due in May and July.
And of course there's Imogen...
I have been watching her turn from this...

Into this!

Along the way she has had her first haircut!

Moved up into the big pram :0)
Had her cousin Sydney over for a sleepover!
There's obviously so much more but i'm already turning into a bore who goes on and on about their child, maybe when i go back to work i'll have more to talk about lol


Elise said...

OMG! Pol, she is absolutely beautiful! I can't believe how much she has grown. I feel so broody now... sniff sniff


Miss Disaster said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your helpful comments.

I'm so sorry to hear about your relatives... it is so hard.

Your little girl is adorable; love the photos! It's so fun to watch them grow. :)

NovelTeaMommy said...

Imogen is so adorable! I hope to someday have a daughter as beautiful. I'm sure she fills your heard with hope and happiness in what could otherwise be an overwhelming situation.

Thanks for stopping by our blog! Hope you are able to come back soon : )
**I just wanted to laugh with you about the timing of your comment, comes while I'm in the middle of re-reading (for like, the 10th time) Polgara the Sorceress! Too funny.**

Spear The Almighty said...

Cool name. Did Mr. Eddings influence that? :)

angel said...

Oh Polgara she is simply exquisite!

petoskystone said...

OMG ! what a cute wee doll-baby! nice of the 2 of you to invite your niece in. so sorry to hear of your family's ill-health. do you all have hospice home-care in the u.k.?

Kelly said...

She's adorable! I'm sorry to hear about your family members. That's so hard, and I hope you are ok.

I actually just read your comment you left at 'I Shall Believe' in March! I know... it's been too long. You are such a sweetheart, and I thank you for the nice things you said there. They are so much appreciated. I am blogging a little at that blog again, and a lot more at an open one. I'm fickle with keeping a blog site permanently. haha

Here's the new one.

I'm sorry I haven't stopped by much. I will check in next time you update. hugs!

angel said...

Hey! I tagged you!

Aeryn said...

She is so beautiful! ... and she's growing so fast!
I'm sorry to hear you have to deal with so many things right now. I hope things will be better soon. All the best!