Thursday, 26 February 2009

See i'm still here!!!!

Chris is watching the football, Imogen is sleeping peacefully in her cot and i am here, feels like ages!

I suppose i should try and do a proper update!

Sooooo, well we had a girl lol, she's gorgeous and wonderful and beautiful, just in case i hadnt mentioned it before....

She is almost 4 months now and a sturdy 12lb 7oz at last weigh in, she is learning to stand and sit and becomes more and more fun every day. She has had 2 lots of injections wich she loved...not lol and has an ongoing skin problem which she has been referred for and is currently under control with steroid cream which is not a long term solution, it's probably eczema as both mummy and daddy have it....

She was sleeping through with one late night feed at 6 weeks old and as of a week ago sleeps through from 7pm to 7am...happy days!
She is in the main a happy little soul, very smiley when happy, not much in the way of giggles yet but she has definately found her voice and wakes Chris most mornings with her babblings, very cute :0)

I will post some more photo's and bore you more but have just had my laptop overhauled and no longer have access to the drive where we store them so it will have to wait for now!

Neice Claire is 21 on Sunday, i cant believe it! We have organised a party as her gift as her mum and stepdad arent the type to bother and what 21yr old doesnt want a party??? She has had a good week really as she has finally got her car on the road too, unfortunately already had her first bump too but nothing serious thankfully.

Chris and i havent been up to much, with the economy the way it is and a new baby there is a distict lack of time and funds for anything exciting but we're happy enough at home most of the time.

We bought ourselves a Wii for christmas and Chris bought me a Wii Fit for my birthday and my sister bought me and R4 for my DS so lots of gaming of one kind or another going on, i'm still addicted to Civilisation on the PS3 too which was a christmas present from Chris.

It looks like i'll be going back to work part time in July as strangely it works out the best financially with my sister in law and i looking after each others respective children, am sure those that know me at all are chuckling at the thought of me looking after two babies, who wouldve thought it lol

I have videos and photo's of them both to post...i will get round to it i promise, assuming i have any readers left with my prolonged absences.


Anonymous said...

Yay, a new post. Glad to hear you both are enjoying your beautiful daughter. It's quite a change... Totally for the better. I can't believe she's 4 months already... How time flies.

With the economy being in the tank, just enjoy the Wii Fit. We love ours. Even the kids (4 and 2) like the games... especially the soccer (football for you) one.

Elise said...

Hi Pol,

It's been quite a while! I'm glad that you're enjoying parenthood. I look forward to some more pics


angel said...

I am so glad your precious little girl is doing so well!

Elise said...

Where are you?? xx

Gayle's Joy In Life said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful! My baby girl turns 15 next month. Enjoy every moment because they do go quickly (everyone says it but it really is true)!

Found you through the little black box. Lots of luck and continued Love.