Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Just under...

....2 weeks to go!

I've been a very bad blogger and havent posted. I'm at home now and Chris was off work poorly with me for the first week which once he started to feel better was really nice :0)

We're both fed up of waiting now, i feel like i have been waiting for this baby FOREVER!

Thank you so much for all the comments! And welcome to the black box visitors, i will get round to visiting everyone this week in between washing baby clothes :0)

Is there only me that if i had to shorten Imogen would shorten it to Gen????


Lynsey said...

I like Gen :)

Cow-Herd said...

In My Opinion GEN is cool :)
(I know this is a really really sad PJ but if u look at all the capitalized letters in the first sentence, u get IMOGEN) :)

Ah well, couldn't resist that really. But I like the name. Shakespearen is it? But sounds really exotic.

random moments said...

Oh now that's just too cute. I love names that you can make a nickname from. Gen is girlie, short and sweet.

2 more weeks? I bet you are bursting with excitement to meet your little one!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

How are you pronouncing Imogen? Here in Texas I would pronounce it like "I'm a gene". Are you saying Gen like Gin? Like what would be short for Ginnifer or Jennifer? If so I like it. If its like Gene, no I don't.
I have a really bad Texas drawl tho so I'm told. It is probably pronounced beautifully over there.
Thanks for the comment.
Blessings~ Glenda

Dijea said...

I would shorten it to Ima, like emma.

Pixie said...

Midge of course x