Wednesday, 29 October 2008

5 days and counting!

I am so hoping i dont go past my due date, this week feels like the longest week ever!

My SIL put it really well when she said its like queueing up for a big ride at an amusement park, you spend the most part scared and then when you eventually get near to the front of the queue you just think well i've come this far lets just get on with it!

We're already getting phone calls asking if anything is happening, the house is prepped and ready, we even have car seats and sun blinds installed in the cars and the pram is in the boot!

Poor Chris is at work and really cant concentrate waiting for me to let him know something/anything is happening and of course i'm at home over examining every time something moves trying to work out if its the start of anything, it's driving us both mad!

We've even filled in the bits of the baby books which are before baby is born, one of which included a photo of "Mum & Dad" shortly before baby arrives and is also the ONLY photo we have of me pregnant lol


Lynsey said...

Oh look at you! You look great!!! The feeling is really cool huh? I remember when my son was born and I couldn't wait for him to be born and then once it was happening it was so surreal but all I could think was "holy crap, this is happening!"

angel said...

oh you look fabulous, wow... i can hardly believe its nearly time!