Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Just after I met Chris he took me to meet one of his two best mates, we knocked on the door but there was no-one home.
As we were walking back to the car a door opened across the street and a man came out and made a beeline for us, he had long grey hair scraped into a ponytail, missing teeth,he was wearing a scruffy old t-shirt, shorts and sandals and he obviously knew Chris.
It soon became apparent that he had seen us through the window and come to be nosy, he chatted to us for a few minutes and then gave me a hug like he had known me forever.
At the time I found it slightly odd but just went with it, new boyfriend and all that. Not long after, barely a few weeks my dad died, Chris was my rock and as time passed I met more of his family and friends, it turned out the man was his friends step dad, between himself and his wife they had 6 grown children, 4 from his wife's previous marriage and 2 together, the youngest of which has downs so is still at home now at 26 needing a certain level of care. Two years later, Chris and I were already married and Imogen was almost 1 when we lost Chris's dad to cancer. The man and his wife and Chris's friend and wife were there for us throughout. Chris realised our children wouldn't have a Grandad and having had a very close relationship with his grandparents asked the man to be Grandad to Imogen and any other kids we might have and despite their own 6 grown children and the time 5 grandchildren he agreed and became Grandad Mitch and his wife Margaret became Nana. They didn't just agree, they did it. Despite having all those people to care for they have shown my kids the love of grandparents, they have visited every Thursday for the past 4 years now and we have been included in their family. They bought a caravan in wales just so all their grandchildren could have holidays, not just holidays but free holidays because they understand what its like to struggle financially with small children. Grandad Mitch has spent endless hours colouring and building, Nana Margaret has provided hours of cuddles and lots of much appreciated medical advice having a background in nursing. Margaret died last Wednesday after a year long battle with cancer, its her funeral next week. I don't know how Grandad Mitch will cope, his rock of 32 years has gone. I feel so desperately sad for him. I know all the children, grandchildren and of course us will rally round but we can't truly help him with his loss and its this that breaks my heart. That strange little man who hugged me that day has become someone I love dearly and I can't help him because Margaret who was the glue that held that whole family together and his true love is gone.

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