Friday, 7 October 2011


It's my big girls 3rd birthday in a few weeks, the party is booked and the family have suitably harassed us for gift ideas and we like idiots have thoughtfully obliged.
The problem?
Well she's getting everything we wanted for her and now we don't know what to get her ourselves!
I have done the Google search for "great gifts for a 3 year old" only to be presented with a list of stuff she already has.....


petoskystone said...

grandchild #2 turns 4 shortly, with grandchild #1 turning 6 quickly thereafter, so i feel your pain! for yuletide gifts, everyone gets books (yes, i'm building a reputation of being *that* g'ma). i will suggest, however, that a dvd or two, with the promise of having a 'movie night' at home might be one idea. #1 grandchild is of the firm belief that one can never have too many pairs of socks or underwear, while grandchild #2 feels the same way about trucks/cars. #3 is too young to have an opinion. what is the one item your lovely can never have too much of?

Polgara said...

I've been buying books too! Have you tried "The Book People", great value, we have bought her some books with audio cd's .They have a website ooh and also look at "Wicked Uncle" for some slightly different gifts, you can search by gender and age and they have a reminder service which is handy!
Imogen is all imagination at the moment,playing doctors and tea parties all the time but she has everything grrr!

petoskystone said...

isa is into 'squinkies' big time...can never have enough squinkies...they're just small enough that they all must be put up from sofi/#3.

Angel said...

If she's getting everything she wants from other people, then I would do the slightly boring but very responsible thing and open a bank account for her.

Polgara said...

They both already have accounts x

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