Monday, 19 July 2010

Just a lil update...

So what’s been happening….

Well I’ve obviously been getting closer to my due date all the time, only 6 weeks to go now and I must admit I’m starting to feel it now!

I don’t think I have put on as much weight as last time as everyone up until about a week ago kept looking surprised when I said how many weeks I am, this is not down to any attempt from me but just luck ha ha

As usual we have left all the things we need to do before baby comes till the last minute but we have finally started to get organised. This coming weekend there is a carpet being fitted in the cellar which will become our bedroom, we can then move Imogen into our room and into a big girls bed which considering she managed to climb out of her cot a few days ago cant come soon enough, and then of course baby Libby can go straight into the nursery as it is.

I am desperate to finish work now, partly just because I know I am and partly because I’m starting to find it harder just getting there now, I finish 30th July unless my manager miraculously comes back to me about some holidays I am owed that she seems to be studiously ignoring in which case it may be slightly earlier. Either way no more than11 days to go…..WooHoo!!!

We have been telling Imogen that her sister is in my tummy and all the usual things that pregnant mums tell their toddlers, I don’t think she understands at all and think it will be a shock for her, I’m convinced she isn’t going to react well since she was so awful with her cousin when her auntie was looking after her but who knows, she will be around 8 months older and may surprise us, keep your fingers crossed for me lol

She is a delight most of the time, she is talking a lot now showing greater understanding all the time, its quite strange that we can actually have a conversation with her now!

This isnt always good though as she is now throwing lots of tantrums, saying no a lot and generally doing things she knows she's not allowed to do and winding me up immensley lol

She is impossible to punish, nothing bothers her, if we take toys away because she has thrown them or done something naughty she doesnt really react, i will say to her that she will go to bed if she is naughty and she just gabbles "bedtime" and runs to the stairs.

It is so frustrating!

The only thing that i have managed to do to make her understand she has been naughty is withold yoghurt which while in a way it was a breakthrough to find something i can punish her with was also a pain as i actually want her to eat it grrrr

Anyway i am sure this will only get worse as she gets older, i just felt like a whinge!!!


petoskystone said...

the tantrums are horrible, aren't they? nothing worked for Isa, either, for the longest time. what did it for her is standing time-out: stand, face the wall, arems down, no moving--drives her nuts, she hates it. it gets a little easier as she grows becuase she doesn't like it when mommy is mad at her: i'm mad at you. why? you were ____. she stops what's she's doing then. it depends on the individual so much. taking away a favorite treat, like yoghurt, doesn't work for Isa as she has never been much of an eater. that would work with her brother, though! ;) glad to hear you are doing well in the heat & all. Eli didn't get the whole tummy thing, mommy just left for a few days & came back with Sofi. Isa didn't like the fact that mommy was gone...i'm sure Imogene will do find, once she gets over her surprise.

Jill said...

Hi!!! I didn't realize we were matched week for week in our pregnancies. I have 6 more weeks to go as well. :) I have puffy feet and a heavy belly, how about you? I can't wait to meet the little guy, I'm sure you are anxious too!