Thursday, 24 September 2009

The good and the bad...

Sometimes Chris and I wonder if it was a bad idea us getting together, we have had so much thrown at us since we met, within the first three months of us being together I had been made redundant, lost my dad and Chris had lost his house.
Things have never really changed since then, it has always been one thing after another, when we returned from our honeymoon we were told Chris’s dad had cancer, he underwent a massive operation but nearly dies in intensive care on several occasions during the following weeks.
Chris’s Nanna had a spell of collapsing and being taken to hospital at the same time as this so we spent quite a lot of time visiting different hospitals.

Of course we also had some good things, I fell pregnant and we had Imogen who is amazing (yes I’m biased lol), my sister-in-law had a little boy around the same time who we love to bits also.

Niece Claire has lived with us a number of times, each time driving us mad but improving with each return, she’s with at the moment but is looking to move out and this last time has been fairly hassle free.

I have to say though this last 6 months has been the worst ever, in March Nanna became ill, was taken into hospital to have her bowel unblocked and it was discovered she also had cancer.

In July it became clear the end was close, the family gathered to sit with her and say their goodbyes.
On the Monday evening Chris’s mum and her partner went home to shower and change, they were met by the police who told them her partner’s son had been found dead in his flat. He was only 40 years old; his kidneys had just stopped working.
On the Tuesday afternoon Chris’s uncle left us with Nanna to go home and shower and change, when he got home he died of a massive heart attack.
In the early hours of Wednesday morning Nanna slipped peacefully away.

Two weeks later Chris’s dad who had been told he had 12 months to live in January began to get poorly, He sadly passed away at the beginning of September.

I don’t know how but Chris has coped amazingly, I am so proud of him.

On Monday this week we discovered we are going to have another baby!
Its VERY early days, I will be due the end of May.
It almost feels wrong to be happy about it after this past year but we are, we have something new to look forward to, maybe now I’ll be posting more, I haven’t known what to say its all been so awful.
So be happy for us guys, we have a little spark of happiness in the midst of a year of hell and please please send me Boy vibes, that would just be perfect :0)


NovelTeaMommy said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful thing for your family after such a sorrowful year.

Come back and share your pregnancy with us. It'll be fun to compare experiences (we're due with #2 in February : )

Rob Clack said...

Wow! What a nightmare year! And congratulations on the pregnancy. That's brilliant news!

angel said...

You have had one helluva year! No wonder you've been so scarce!

petoskystone said...

blogs are for what you want to say about what's going on in your life. if it seems all negative, who cares? it's your blog, rant away! add a few tears & kicking-walls if you want! no need to hold back. add a photo or 2 of the Miss Lady for balance & you're good to go...