Sunday, 6 January 2008

First post of 2008!

So i disappeared again, i know i have a bad habit of it but life just gets in the way!

So christmas was cool, we had all the old ladies and the errant neice round for dinner, Chris cooked up a feast which impressed everyone, we got pressies we liked and Auntie Carol absolutely adored the calender so a good day all round.

Boxing day we went to my sisters for the day which was fun, Sydney was as gorgeously cute as ever, not that i'm biased or anything! I have a lil video of her playing musical cushions with the little girl from next door (see wedding pics, the other bridesmaid), her mum and Chris but its on my phone and the software wont work with Vista and im on the laptop blah blah blah you get the message, i promise ill put it on soon!

We were both back in work the next day, thankfully i was only in for the day, Chris was in both days.

Next thing was New Year, we had a party which went very well, i got very drunk and managed to break just about every glass we own just by bumping into the table... twice lol, we had fireworks and bucks fizz and well you know the drill but we had fun!

Since then its just been back to work, the let down of after christmas. I have now done 5 days straight withough a cigarette and i think Chris has only had 2 in the five days.

Hope everyone had a great christmas and new year !

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angel said...

it sounds like you had fun, happy happy and all that!